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Dr. Bush has his Doctorate Degree in Health and Human Services and his Master of Arts Degree in Counseling: Human Relations and Behavior. His background and training in professional counseling and the use and application of hypnosis in various applications from habit control to medical applications, surpasses the vast majority of individuals who are practicing today.  He has maintained a private practice for the past thirty-eight years offering self-improvement guidance, counseling and hypnotherapy and has been a provider of on-line as well as individual counseling for several years.

 Dr. Bush is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Texas, a Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor and has been recognized by the National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists as a National Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.  He is a member of the American Counseling Association, the Association to Advance Ethical Hypnosis, and the American Association of Christian Counselors, just to name a few.

 His application of guidance, counseling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy has helped thousands realize positive changes in their lives, that they have previously thought impossible.  He has effectively taken an established approach and refined it, both on-line and in person.

 Dr. Bush conducts seminars and lectures on the powers of the subconscious and the power of positive thinking in life, speaks to groups, and works with doctors and their patients who wish to utilize the process of positive change in a variety of ways. He is extremely well qualified and a skilled technician in helping anyone to unlock the doors of the subconscious mind and tap into their power to change.  He has also published a book titled, "The Use of Visual Imagery in Golf." (See Pricing and Process page for more information on viewing and ordering.)

 With over forty-three years of professional counseling experience, Dr. Bush has had the privilege of working with thousands of individuals whose desire was to make positive changes in their lives. He has helped them to facilitate these changes utilizing the various formats of individual counseling, as well as with the use and application of hypnosis techniques that help to prompt changes more quickly.  In dealing with habit control, self-improvement and matters of health, the power of the subconscious mind go unchallenged.  Dr. Bush deals with these as well as chronic and acute pain and other medically referrals.

 In his office on a one-to-one basis, Dr. Bush has helped thousands of individuals create positive personal change utilizing counseling and hypnosis as a tool, if applicable, to unlock the subconscious mind.  He works with individuals to tailor suggestions specifically for their needs and to help them make the changes that they desire, more quickly and easily, without any negative side-effects.  He has been able to help them lose weight; stop smoking; overcome fears and phobias; improve in their sports abilities; deal with stress and improve them study habits and test-taking abilities, just to name a few.  With his counseling techniques, he has helped individuals sort through issues of concern; deal with life events and, in general, improve their lives through discussion, planning, mentoring, coaching and goal setting.

 Talking and sharing is the key to his success. If patients allow themselves to be open and honest with the questions they present either via the Internet or in person, then the process can work effectively. Though this on-line process is slightly different from in-office counseling, the process of change can occur quickly. All information provided in either setting is held in the strictest confidence, and follow the guidelines set by the State of Texas Board of Examiners as well as the ethics committees of all the various organizations to which he belongs.

 For individual counseling and/or hypnotherapy information and to make an appointment, Dr. Bush can be contacted at:

 Mind Over Matter Counseling & Hypnotherapy

1437 Rollins Drive

Allen, TX  75013

(972) 727-1400



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