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Web Camera Counseling

With the advent of technology, Web Cam counseling and hypnosis is now available on line.  It can function in the same way as face-to-face counseling or hypnosis, but needs to be h anded properly for the sake of the counselor and for the patient. 

Web Cam counseling or hypnosis requires that you have a web camera which will be the same as face-to-face counseling, but as in the office environment, certain documentation functions need to be completed as well.  Also, with the hypnosis, the camera is m andatory and needs to be situated so that you can be observed fully during the session.

First:  Contact needs to be made to initially set the appointment time, which will be 45 minutes.  At that time screening information sheet will need to be forwarded and completed prior to the appointment.  At this time as well, a method of payment needs to be agreed upon.  MasterCard and Visa can be used and must be verified prior to the appointment time.

Next, the method of contact needs to be established.  Skype has a program that is free for those who have it.  It is the equivalent of talking on the telephone for free and will stream the web camera.  If Skype is downloaded on your computer, contact can be made in that format, also utilizing the web cam.  If another format is needed, either MSN Messenger; AOL Messenger; or Yahoo Messenger can be accessed.

You, as the patient must call the counselor at the designated time via one of the above methods and all the guidelines that are required for State Licensure must be adhered too.  That includes your conversation and appearance and behaviors while involved in this process.  Any deviant or suggestive dress; communication or overall appearance will be grounds for immediate termination of the call or web camera contact, but you will still be charged for the time.  Outside of that your conversation and communication will be confidential and you must be over 18 years of age, or have your parent’s permission, to participate.

If you are a Skype registered individual, Dr. Bush can be reached at richard.bush64.


For more information regarding this process, please contact Dr. Bush directly.

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